You so easily amuse
Like a pantomime
Such a silent crime
You so easily abuse
Lack of confindence
It's your best offense
You so easily confuse
You can't deny it
Still you try to hide it

So faded
Like a memory gone
There's no recollection

So faded
Like a forgotten dream
Further than it seems

You so hastily defy
When you think you need it
You find a way to bleed it
You so hastily deny
Pleading innocence
It's your best defense
You so hastily reply
The moment (that) you said it
Already regret it

From the song Faded - Album "The Will to live" 1997

"Some are born with more and some born with less
So don't take for granted the life we've been blessed
It's hard to understand that we're only a guest
And each one of us shall be put to life's test
Oh- life's test"

From the song The will to live - Album "The Will to live" 1997
"People say funny things......."

Peter Kay