Market Zoning Cannot be Implemented
Wednesday, 02 January, 2008 | 14:56 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: The zoning of modern and traditional markets in the regions is already regarded as being proper.

The reason for this is that the presidential regulation on markets does not regulate every region with different typology.

“The government has been saying it is impossible that zoning be included in president’s regulation,” Gunaryo, Director of Business Management and Distribution at the Trade Department, told Tempo¸ on Monday (31/12).

Previously, the All-Indonesia Market Traders Association (APPSI) complained about zoning and distances between modern and traditional markets not being regulated.

The lack of zoning will corner traditional market as the expansion of modern markets cannot be held back anymore (Koran Tempo, December 31, 2007).

Gunaryo said that the APPSI had already suggested the zoning during inter-departmental discussions.

However, the Public Works Department—at that time represented by the zoning director general—said it considered that zoning could not be equal from a national aspect due to the typological differences.

He explained that zoning will be useless because of State Decree No. 26/2007 on Zoning.

The decree states that zoning is regulated in every Municipal or Regency Area Zoning Plan.

“So it’s impossible that the presidential regulation would annul a higher level decree,” said Gunaryo.

In the Presidential Regulation policy on Traditional Markets, Shopping Centers and Modern Stores Management and Zoning in 2007, there was no specific provision on zoning and distances between markets.

Zoning is regulated in every region’s zoning plan.

Hasan Basri, Head of the Jakarta APPSI, said that he would review policy implementation in the field.

“If the conditions of traditional markets are more marginalized, we will hold a rally,” he said.

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