Electronics sales higher in November

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

With a surge in sales during November and likely this month, electronics traders are hopeful a 15 percent sales target for television, DVD players and other audio devices can be achieved.

Electronics Marketer Club (EMC) spokesman Handojo Soetanto also said the sales of televisions had increased significantly in November.

He said the trend would likely continue in December because many electronics shops offered attractive discounts during the year-end shopping season.

"In November, the sales of TV sets, DVD players and other audio sets was unexpectedly very high," Handojo told Antara on Tuesday.

EMC reported monthly sales of TV sets increased by 43.6 percent to 392,588 units in November from 273,337 units in October.

Monthly sales of DVD players surged by 57.5 percent to 100,472 units in November from 63,786 units in October.

The same trend also occurred around sales of other audio devices, which rose by 40.4 percent in the month to 50,003 units in November from 35,607 units in October.

Sales growth in November was surprising, said Handojo, because electronics purchases had been down in previous months.

He said in October, the monthly sales of TV sets were down by 19.1 percent, DVD players down 11.7 percent, and sales of other audio sets had dropped by 11 percent compared to the month prior.

Handojo said increased sales around some electronics were thanks to aggressive promotions conducted by producers.

But he said he predicted in the following year, electronics sales would not be as high because of a possible price increase around higher production costs and the rising cost of oil. (nkn)
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