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#66509 - 17 Dec 07 21:36 A REAL Christmas hero.
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Man Drinks Liter of Vodka at Airport Line

BERLIN (AP) - A man nearly died from alcohol poisoning after quaffing a liter (two pints) of vodka at an airport security check instead of handing it over to comply with new carry-on rules, police said Wednesday.

The incident occurred at the Nuremberg airport on Tuesday, where the 64-year-old man was switching planes on his way home to Dresden from a holiday in Egypt.

New airport rules prohibit passengers from carrying larger quantities of liquid onto planes, and he was told at a security check he would have to either throw out the bottle of vodka or pay a fee to have his carry-on bag checked as cargo.

Instead, he chugged the bottle down - and was quickly unable to stand or otherwise function, police said.

A doctor called to the scene determined he had possibly life-threatening alcohol poisoning, and he was sent to a Nuremberg clinic for treatment.

The man, whose name was not released, is expected to be able to complete his journey home in a few days.

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#66514 - 18 Dec 07 05:33 Re: A REAL Christmas hero. [Re: KaraengLolo]
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dilli is such a fucking embarrassment sometimes.
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#66515 - 18 Dec 07 06:50 Re: A REAL Christmas hero. [Re: KuKuKaChu]
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Cant blame him can you! This no liquids thing is shite ... my parents had a transit in Denpasar and bought a bottle of water before going to gate to wait for their plane. The security guard actually watched them buy the water before telling them they couldn't bring the water in to the gate because of the no liquids rule
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#66516 - 18 Dec 07 07:21 Re: A REAL Christmas hero. [Re: KuKuKaChu]
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Quoting: KuKuKaChu
dilli is such a fucking embarrassment sometimes.

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