Sun Microsystems hopeful of booking 70 percent increase in RI sales this year

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

The local unit of U.S.-based vendor of computer components and software, Sun Microsystems Indonesia (SMI), estimates that its sales will increase by 70 percent this year, up from 50 percent last year.

Increased demand from the telecommunications sector and the banking industry has contributed to the sharp increase in computer components and software sales in Indonesia, the company's president director, Wibisono Gumulya, told reporters Friday.

"The telecommunications sector accounts for about 90 percent to our sales, followed by the banking sector, the government, the retail sector and manufacturing," he said.

The high sales, Wibisono said, had turned SMI into the second biggest contributor to Sun Microsystems' total revenues from the South Asia region which includes the Southeast Asian countries, after Singapore.

However, he did not give a precise figure for sales in Indonesia.

The company estimates its revenues from the South Asian region will reach US$3.83 billion in the fourth quarter of this year, a slight increase from $3.82 billion in the same period of 2006.

Wibisono said that SMI customers include the country's biggest mobile telecommunications provider, PT Telkomsel, state-owned telecommunications firm PT Telkom, the Finance Ministry, and PT Bank Central Asia.

"In 2008, we plan to enter the infrastructure sector, and are targeting the Public Works Ministry," he said.

Speaking to reporters during the launch of the company's latest operating system, Harry Kaligis, SMI business and marketing general manager, said the company would also enter the largely untapped education sector within the next five to 10 years.

The new OpenSolaris code can run on an IBM mainframe, and will go on sale to the public on Jan.8, 2008.

Sun is a key promoter of open systems in general and UNIX in particular, and has emerged as one of the leading proponents and contributors of open source software.

Open source software permits free public access to a computer program's source code, thereby allowing anyone to freely modify and redistribute the software.(ndr)
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