President calls for efforts to achieve food self-sufficiency

Bandar Lampung (Antara News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on the people and those in the government to make every possible effort to enable the country to achieve food self-sufficiency.

"Holding protests (against food imports) and blaming each other are not enough if we all agree we should stop importing food, let us make every effort to increase food production," the president said at a function to mark the 27th World Food Day and the opening of Indonesian Food Expo 2007 at Way Halim square here on Wednesday.

The president said the government was committed to making the country self-sufficient in food, especially rice, corn and beef.

"To avoid importing food from other countries, we have to strive to attain food self-sufficiency. Therefore, let us take concrete steps to meet the standards of a food-resilient country," Yudhoyono said.

According to the president, a country could be said to be food-resilient if food was available in that country at prices affordable by its people.

He said the national program to step up national rice production by 2 million tons in 2007 was expected to be successful and would be implemented in better ways in the years to come. (*)
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