Exports Once Again Set a New Record
Tuesday, 04 December, 2007 | 15:36 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: Indonesia’s revenue from exports has once again set a new record.

The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) announced that the total revenue for October was US$10.25 billion.

This means there was a 7.68 percent increase compared to last month’s US$9.2 billion, and a rise of 17.59 percent when compared to October 2006.

“This is a new record, and in terms of monthly figures, October’s exports are the highest so far,” said BPS Head, Rusman Heriawan, when announcing the progress of Indonesia’s exports and imports this October at the BPS head office, Jakarta, yesterday (3/12).

During this year, according to Rusman, exports have exceeded US$10 billion on two occasions, in July and October.

In July, national exports were listed as US$10.04 billion.

The export increase, said Rusman, was due to non-oil and exports of US$8.27 billion, an increase of 9.63 percent compared to September, and a rise of 16.16 percent when compared to October 2006.

“This increase is higher than the total export’s increase,” said Rusman.

Between January and October, this year’s exports total US$93.26 billion.

This means there was an increase of 13.36 percent compared to the same period in 2006.

Non-oil and gas exports contributed US$75.91 billion of this amount.

The largest non-oil and gas export’ increase, according to him, occurred in fat and oil commodities, especially crude palm oil (CPO) which reached US$1.37 billion.

“That’s the highest contributor to October’s exports,” said Rusman.

Rusman estimated that CPO’s export will be even higher in November and December this year.
This was due to world price oil increases and market demand shifting to alternative energies, including CPO.

“CPO’s price and demand will also rise due to oil substitution,” he said.

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