Gubernatorial forum agrees to construct Sunda Strait Bridge

Batam (Antara News) - The Sumatra gubernatorial forum at a meeting here agreed to materialize the infrasturcture building among others the Sunda Strait bridge construction, which will connect Java and Sumatra islands.

The forum, during a coordination meeting here on Friday and Saturday, said it will seek construction funds from the national budget, domestic and foreign private companies, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), World Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The infrasturture construction which should be immediately materialized were the Trans Sumatra railway, Trans Sumatra Toll Road and the national main road in Riau Island and Bangka Belitung.

The forum also agreed to urge the central government to immediately solve the energy crisis in Sumatra by means of deregulation to terminate the monopoly of the State Electricty Company.

The forum also said deregulation would make it easier for private businessmen to engage in power production to overcome the electricity problem in Sumatra. (*)
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