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#65773 - 02 Dec 07 06:53 Kuku Does Kuta
KuKuKaChu Moderator Offline
Pooh Bah

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[Shesca] alo Ku
[Shesca] How's Bali???

[KuKuKaChu] bali is same old, same old ... snobby balinese get up my nose; moron bule tourists never disappoint to annoy
[KuKuKaChu] oops. bali john is on board smile
[KuKuKaChu] better watch my tongue :P

[wd] you better hurry go back to jakarta before i tie you up on a tree!
[wd] talk bad about my bali behind me back?
[wd] :spank: kuku
[wd] woohoo..kuku is up on coconut tree!
[wd] kuku
[wd] mandi then...saturday nite sunset strip!

[KuKuKaChu] hey wd!! smile
[KuKuKaChu] i wasn't expecting you to be here, otherwise i would have shut up angel
[KuKuKaChu] of course, i didn't specifically mean you <grovel grovel grovel>. you're one of the Good Balinese <grovel3>

[wd] dasar! kuku memang pinter menggeliat when tertangkap basah

[KuKuKaChu] angel i don't know what you mean ...

[wd] lihat kamus dong say

[KuKuKaChu] nonetheless, i'm actually having a good time. nice new office with accomodation, no more hotel hassles.

[wd] are you still kuta?

[KuKuKaChu] ya still in kuta. jl majapahit.

[wd] i tot you staying at pak bob's villa

[KuKuKaChu] mau dong ... but too far away, and he won't lend me his helicopter. dasar pelit

[wd] damm..pak bob got a heli!!!!

[wd] i'm gunna ask him to pick me up at the airport next time i'm back to bali

[KuKuKaChu] ya, he's got a heli. but he won't let anyone else play with it. pelit namanya orang skotlandia ...

[wd] your tounge ku? or oildude will shut our jc down

[wd] so, kuta's office is gonna be the okusi branch?

[KuKuKaChu] yes, kuta is the centre of the bule bali universe. so that's where okusi must be

[wd] good call ku! denpasar not good?

[KuKuKaChu] nah, too far from the customers who are nearly all in kuta

[wd] right, you wont move the whole family to bali dong
[wd] ntar bali jadi sempit juga
[wd] kebanyakan orang jawa..hehhe

[KuKuKaChu] sort of thinking about it, but having 2nd thoughts. thinking also of colonising batam, and maybe bintan

[wd] batam/bintan are great! been there twice...kinda like s'pore

[KuKuKaChu] yeah, nice and close, but not too close ... all the benefits without having to actually live there

[wd] are they still using spore $?

[KuKuKaChu] yes, aparently most business therewill accept SGD

[wd] but you can have someone you can trust to handle the branch overthere

[KuKuKaChu] that is in fact a critical issue; but yes, i have someone lined up wink

[wd] woohooo!!! pasti cemceman baru yah..

[KuKuKaChu] ya lihat dulu deh ...

[wd] the wink kinda telling me something suspicious

[KuKuKaChu] yg penting harus org yg bisa sgt dipercaya dan terikat dgn kerajaan okusi

[wd] thats me ku!
[wd] i can do multi tasking

[KuKuKaChu] oh really ...
[KuKuKaChu] i won't go into that ...
KuKuKaChu: dangerously too sophisticated

#65777 - 02 Dec 07 08:03 Re: Kuku Does Kuta [Re: KuKuKaChu]
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This concludes the first episode of "Kuku, a Slut in Paradise"!

Stay tuned for more revelations on the hedonistic lifestyle of an old man in Bali.
Menace to Sobriety


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