With simple reforms, RI can grab 41st spot in Doing Business survey

JAKARTA (JP): Without discouraging reforms on more complex platforms, the World Bank has said that by simply cutting bureaucratic red tape, Indonesia could significantly improve its position in the "DoingBusiness" survey next year.

"Potentially, Indonesia could jump to the 41st rank. It is a theoretical exercise, but it indicates that a lot can be done just by simply cutting red tape and not very complicated regulatory reforms," World Bank Doing Business 2008 researcher and spokesperson Sylvia Solf said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Earlier in September, the WB released the Doing Business 2008 report, where Indonesia ranked 123rd out of the 178 countries surveyed, up from 135th last year.

The report, the fifth in an annual report series by the World Bank and its private sector development arm, the International Finance Corporation, ranks the best places to do business worldwide. (Andi Haswidi)
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