I have an IBM ThinkPad R50 with a 50 gb HD, 500mb Ram, DVD/CD RW Drive and a legal copy of Win XP and as well has a legal copy Norton Internet Security with appx. 120 days left on it. I will let it go for 5 million, it was really only used by the wife to surf via WIFI at the house.

I also have a Sony Vaio model is VGN-T270P, screen is a small around 10.4 inches and total weight is 1.1 kg. HD is 60gb and RAM is 504/512. As well has DVD Read Write and WIFI capable. Has original MS XP software and about 250 days left on Norton Internet Security 2006. Price is 9 million. W

PM me back here if interested.

This is one of those "Half full, Half empt..shit I just spilled the glass in my lap" observations, isn't it?

The only Faith that people really have to lose, is faith in themselves...........