EU biofuels bid could spark Asia-Africa 'land rush'

The British aid agency Oxfam has warned the European Union (EU) that its plan to use more biofuels could prove disastrous for some of the world's poorest people.

Oxfam says the EU's plan to increase the use of biofuels to 10 per cent by 2020 could start a land rush in Asia and Africa.

EU officials say they are working to ensure their renewable energy plan does not harm developing countries, but a policy adviser at Oxfam, Robert Bailey, says there is a significant risk that it will.

"What we seem to see emerging is, in order to supply demand for biofuels in the EU and other advanced countries, is a large scale agra-industrial model of production characterised by very large plantations which seems to be spelling disaster for a lot of poor and vulnerable people in developing countries," he said.
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