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#63199 - 08 Oct 07 21:02 There Is Hope For Us All
Scotty Offline

Registered: 17 Mar 07
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I lifted this from another forum. Thought some here might like it:

Subject: Fwd: Paul Potts

"His (Potts) expression before he begins to sing is that of a man resigned to disappointment. Even when he smiles, his eyes convey a profound sadness. He has been a nobody all his life. He, and perhaps only he, knows he has greatness inside of him, but he is obviously a humble man, massively insecure, afraid of rejection, unsure of himself outside the cocoon of anonymity. But you get the feeling he also knows that this may be the one chance he gets to escape the cocoon, and as he begins to sing, you can see him fighting down his fear."

#63200 - 08 Oct 07 22:24 Re: There Is Hope For Us All [Re: Scotty]
Mustaffa Offline

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Bloody Brilliant. I'm no opera expert but this guy just blows you away. He has a new career ahead of him.

#63203 - 08 Oct 07 22:59 Re: There Is Hope For Us All [Re: Mustaffa]
Tut Tut Offline

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Oohh Winner of britain got talent ya? Besides the great voice, he seems to have an awesome personality too.

#63204 - 09 Oct 07 00:12 Re: There Is Hope For Us All [Re: Tut Tut]
Piss Salon Offline
Pujangga Besar

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Not a fan. Read Ben Elton's 'Chart Throb'. Much more amusing. And realistic for that matter.
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#63215 - 09 Oct 07 08:12 Re: There Is Hope For Us All [Re: Piss Salon]
Dilli Offline
Pujangga Besar

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On the subject of "Throb" hows the knob?
Menace to Sobriety

#63221 - 09 Oct 07 09:09 Re: There Is Hope For Us All [Re: Dilli]
Roy's Hair Offline
Pujangga Besar

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There'll be no more cheap thrills like this for starters:


Chinese like more traditional patterns on their ring.

#63228 - 09 Oct 07 13:09 Re: There Is Hope For Us All [Re: Mustaffa]
Capt. Mainwaring Offline
Pujangga Besar

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Quoting: Mustaffa
Bloody Brilliant. I'm no opera expert but this guy just blows you away. He has a new career ahead of him.

You have been conned - the bugger also had a career behind him.

He was/is a professional singer , he worked for carphone whorehouse (Mike Smith) because he couldn't make enough money singing . He got lucky on "Fat Bastard looks for a new career" on ITV at 20-00 every saturday - that silly bitch Sharon Osborne was something to do with it if I am not mistaken -
Kat Deeley is also worth a poke.

Thank fuck for small mercies though, at least he beat the rat faced 10 year old with the banjo and George Formby hat singing "when I'm licking windows"

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