Position: Business, Finance and Operations Manager
Location: International (Bali, Indonesia)

Located in the lush central valleys of the tropical island paradise of Bali, This company are currently searching for a Business, Finance and Operations Manager. The Manager will play a critical role in the development and profitability of the organisation.

Working closely with the Board of Directors, s/he will guide the business decisions and financial models that will shape the success of the company.

The Manager will report directly to the Board of Directors. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Prepare and manage cash flows, business plans, and budgets through multiple-year projections that demonstrate profitability against multiple variables

Analyze best and worst case income scenarios

ROI/IRR and risk analysis

Manage tuition and scholarship funds

Oversee salaries, insurance, HR packages, and legal needs

Allocate land and fixed investments against overheads

Create and manage micro-businesses that are in line with the school’s unique vision

Communicate frequently, effectively and efficiently to the Board of Directors.

The ideal candidate should possess the following qualifications and characteristics:

An advanced degree, preferably in business administration, with a strong numerical and statistical background

Experience in cost accounting with very strong MS Excel skills

Management experience, particularly in an entrepreneurial environment

Comfortable on work sites

A talent for acquiring new languages, and fluency in or adequate grasp of Bahasa Indonesia is a major plus

Excellent inter-personal and written communication skills

Enthusiasm and keen to demonstrate leadership, responsibility and creativity in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment

If you are interested in applying for this position please email banking@monroeconsulting.com