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#61811 - 23 Sep 07 12:31 translation please
colin10021 Offline

Registered: 22 Sep 07
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Loc: New York City, NY
G lg iseng ni nek,lg di kantor,ga ada kerjaan,jd g coba2 kirim email,g br abis dari dokter kmrn nek,si fani batuk ud 2 mg blm bae2,untung bos g temenin g ke dokter sm nyokap g jg,bos g kan asisten dr jg,trs alm nykpnya dl direktur di rs mt sinai,kan g dpt alamat dr dari orang atas,sblm pg bos g cek dulu recordnya tu dokter,pernah bikin orang mati ga,hehehe,pernah malpraktek gak,taunya bgs,trs drnya jg ngajar di rs mt sinai,g kan blm mskin fani asuransi,si ping2 tu,ud g blg berkali2 mnt tlg tmenin henry bk asuransi buat fani,biasa,males die,dsini kan dr anak mahal,trs bos g ngmg sm drnya ttg rs mt sinai,eh,dikasi murah g,sbnrnya periksa 180 US,cm dicas 40 US,tp dia yg byrin,obatnya jg dia yg tebus,wkt g jalan2 ke pensylvania ke sesame place jg semua dia yg byr,abis hmpr 500 US loh sehari itu,blm wkt ke bronx zoo,g mau jodohin sm nykp g ni,hehehe,gokil y g,y ud ah,g mau mkn dulu,laper booooooo

#61904 - 24 Sep 07 10:43 Re: translation please [Re: colin10021]
dolphin Offline

Registered: 07 Jan 07
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Loc: auckland, nz
nothing to do,in office, no busy, so i try to send email, i went to doctor yesterday, Fani had cough beeing 2 weeks not get better, lucky my boss with me go to doctor and my mum also, my boss is assitant doctor, and his mother(passed away) was director at Mt Sinai hospital, i got the address from people upstair, before go my boss check first record the doctor, have made someone dead?, hehehe, had malpractice?, but everything its good, and doctor also teaching in Mt Sinai hospital, i'm not fill in Fani insurance yet, Ping-ping, i told her many times please with Henry make insurance for Fani, like usually, she's too lazy, at here doctor special for kids is expensive, and then my boss had talked with doctor about Mt Sinai hospital, eh, i got price cheaper, normal is us$ 180, but only have to pay us$ 40, and he payed it, the medicine too his paid, when i went to Pensilvania and Sesame place also everythings he paid, spent almost us$500 on that day, and went to Bronx Zoo also, i want to intruduce him to my mum who knows they match, hehehe, i'm carzy ya, ya finish ah, i wanna eat first, very hungry
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