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#60510 - 06 Sep 07 20:28 Chasers War On Everything almost defeats APEC
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Comedy team breaches major security at APEC
Thursday 6th September, 2007

An Australian television comedy group has embarrased members of the APEC security force in Sydney.

A group calling itself 'The Chaser's War on Everything' (its actually the name of their TV show) breached security in a stunt that resulted in the arrest of the comedians and their television crew - 11 in total.

The stunt involved driving a fake motorcade into the northern part of the CBD, with Chas Licciardelo dressed as Osama bin Laden.

Eleven people were questioned and three cars were seized, with officers investigating alleged breaches of the APEC security zone.

The program makers have been told that any perceived threat to security would be dealt with as a threat and their profile would not necessarily protect them.

With 21 world leaders in the city for the APEC meeting, Sydney's police chief has referred to the stunt as not funny and an extremely serious issue.

Police say they are not embarrassed that the fake motorcade managed to get close to President Bush's Sydney hotel before it was stopped.

Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer says the arrests show the APEC security system is working.

- Mind you, the police and the foreign minister had this unbelievably big smile on their faces

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#60511 - 06 Sep 07 20:29 Re: Chasers War On Everything almost defeats APEC [Re: yourfather]
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Registered: 10 Apr 07
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Loc: melbourne australia
and from my local paper

The fake motorcade had been staged as part of an APEC week stunt.

The 10 men and one woman tonight were charged under newly legislated APEC laws with entering a restricted area without justification.

The crew members were in the convoy which was reportedly ushered through two checkpoints in Sydney's APEC restricted security zone.

The convoy was pulled over in Macquarie Street in a block adjacent to the InterContinental Hotel, where US President George W. Bush is a guest during the APEC summit.

All 11 were granted bail to appear in the Downing Centre Local Court on October 4.

Head of the APEC Investigation Squad, Detective Superintendent Ken McKay said The Chaser team was not entitled to any preferential treatment by police.

"While it appears it was a prank, the current APEC security environment isn't the place to do it in," he said.

"Who they are is irrelevant, they were charged like anyone else who breaks the law."

In a statement police listed those charged as people ranging in age from 25 to 47 from Sydney addresses.

It said they were arrested by APEC Investigation Squad detectives under laws that restrict anyone from entering declared zones during APEC.

p.s. if you are wondering why it is in here.

SBY is currently at APEC, and lets just say that as a founding member of ASEAN, Indonesia is a rather important member of said group

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#60593 - 07 Sep 07 14:13 Re: Chasers War On Everything almost defeats APEC [Re: yourfather]
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Oh I was eating lunch with a friend yesterday when that happened, but we were on elizabeth street end of darlo (toward central sorta)so naturally missed it anyway.
We did get the lengthy falun gong protesters right past where we were-they have very organised and quiet protesters.Theres a lot of 'em eh.
Falun gong-they're corn fed eheh-no wonder their organs are highly prized-too healthy....also a couple of darfur protesters kind of in the middle-very peaceful.

Lots of police on pushies though

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