Indonesia Not Main Market for Cheap Laptop
Monday, 03 September, 2007 | 16:27 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: Indonesia is not the main market for the cheap laptop produced by Asustek Computer, Taiwan. Asus Indonesia’s spokesperson, Titi Kristiani, said that so far her she has not yet received any information from Taiwan regarding the arrival of the cheap laptop. “Therefore, Indonesians must be patient,” said Titi in Jakarta last week.

Asus Indonesia also still needs time to prepare the laptop marketing strategy. There is a a possibility that this cheap laptop will be for beginners who want to learn the computer but cannot afford expensive laptops. Moreover, Asustek only plans to produce 500,000 units of inexpensive laptops.

As already reported, Asustek Computer will market cheap laptops as Easy to Learn, Easy to Play, Easy to Work (EEE) this month. Asustek Computer’s Chairman, Jonney Shih said that its market is for developing countries like Indonesia.

The laptop with the simplest features is sold at US$199 or around Rp1.8 million. The laptop with more features is sold at between US$245 and US299 or around Rp2.3 million to Rp2.8 million. “EEE uses the Linux operating system, so it can be sold cheap,” said Shih as quoted by last week.

Titi said she hopes that the government will reduce the tax that should be paid as EEE sales. “The aim is so that this laptop sales price is not too much different from that of other countries,” she said.

The Indonesian Computer Entrepreneurs Association responded positively to the inexpensive notebook entrance to Indonesia. According to the association’s Secretary General, Sutiono Gunadi, the entrance of this laptop will increase information technology penetration in Indonesia and it is expected that it will support small- and medium-scaled entrepreneurs of high mobility with a limited budget who need laptops.

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