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#59935 - 29 Aug 07 08:56 Beginners guide to hacking
Capt. Mainwaring Offline
Pujangga Besar

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I found this while looking for info about fiddling satellite TV - I'm not in the least bit interested in getting free TV but I have to wonder if anyone in their right mind would allow this muppet to connect anything to their new TV


ur all fools cos do u not think sky pay ppl 2 try hack there cards n boxes n do u not think sky r probly reading this ryt now n do there up most 2 stop us having free digital! i kno we need 2 share our knowledge but out in the open like this is not doin us real hackers any favors! besides its almost impossable 2 do n i doubt any of u have the technical knowledge 2 do it! it took me 5 digiboxes n 3 weeks 2 do mine (glad 2 say i now have the ultimate free sky package) think u all need 2 b abit less obvious n learn sum more about the insides of ur digibox n thts about all i can or will say on the matter! (btw keep in mind tht digibox models n specs change and r very varied so wat might work on a pace box wont work on a amstrad box!)

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#59936 - 29 Aug 07 09:02 Re: Beginners guide to hacking [Re: Capt. Mainwaring]
chewwyUK Offline

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I remember when sky first launched in the UK - it took about a month for "dodgy mike" to turn up at the office and start flogging the old decoder boxes for 50 quid a throw -- worked like a dream for about two years until sky put a stop to things
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#60469 - 06 Sep 07 11:04 Re: Beginners guide to hacking [Re: chewwyUK]
Orang Kanada Offline

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For christ's sake, you should translate it before you posted it.
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