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#59174 - 19 Aug 07 10:29 Women's rights? Kill her
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Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen -- a blasphemous woman, who speaks ill of the Prophet Muhammad and Islamic Law -- was physically assaulted in Hyderabad, India on August 16 while she was releasing a translation of her Bengali novel Shodh (Revenge).

The book is about institutionalized violence and oppression of Muslim women.

About 40 good men from a Muslim group righteously stormed into the venue and attacked the author with chairs, flower pots and rocks and used them as missiles to pummel Taslima, who was forced into the fetal position in a corner of the Press Club.

Unfortunately, she managed to escape with only cuts and bruises as the police saved her.

The police have since done the right thing by charging the harlot Taslima with the crime of "creating religious tensions." No other arrests have been made.

Mosque leaders all over India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have issued various fatwas against the writer -- from an ultimatum for her deportation and further beatings to a monetary reward for chopping her head off.

She obviously has not learned her lesson.

“Certain groups may want to physically harm me under the delusion that they can muzzle my voice. But I will continue to write what I believe in,” Taslim stated on August 18.

Seriously, how can this harlot, this hussy, this infidel, dare to call Muslim men oppressive of their women? She's obviously not right in the head. She refuses to cover herself properly, which as all men know, is actually an invitation to be beaten and raped.
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#59190 - 19 Aug 07 18:48 Re: Women's rights? Kill her [Re: riccardo]
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Look, don't mean to be picking a hole in your argument.

But if she did what all good wives should do and put a dick in her mouth.

She wouldn't be able to talk bad about her husband or good muslim men in general.

#59220 - 20 Aug 07 08:47 Re: Women's rights? Kill her [Re: riccardo]
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She's obviously a great sense of feminism. But to live in certain place, means respecting the culture.

Its not all about religion. The fact that she refused to wear scarf can be really offensive for some people where she lived, where she grew up.

If she really smart with her feminism, get the hell outta there, move abroad ( NOT TO OTHER ISLAMIC REGION ) then express her opinion. Its a bit moronic to be super feminist then act surprise why she get attaked.

Its like put your son in the catholic church to learn about god, and you act surprise why he got mollested.
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#59224 - 20 Aug 07 08:59 Re: Women's rights? Kill her [Re: emmajkt]
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Loved the last sentence......
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