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Sunda Kelapa
As you arrive in Sunda Kelapa, after fighting through the Kota smog you are informed, this is where Jakarta started
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Poster Dilli Offline
Posted 18 Aug 07 11:59
I've been meaning to go there for a while, so it being a holiday weekend with zero traffic I decided - fuck it, why not!

Got the statuatory shake down for 20,000 Rupes by a cop in Glodok, but still got from Pondok Indah to Sunda Kelapa in 45 minutes.

The docks were very quiet, again the holiday but I can imagine they are chaotic during normal working days.

One side of the harbour is reserved for modern vessel's which carry the heavier items throughout the archipelago, the other side has the wooden ships which have been built and designed in this manner for hundreds of years (except they now have engines, radio, possibly radar and GPS)

The other major diiference is the "modern side" vessel's are loaded and unloaded by crane, the older wooden vessels are loaded and unloaded by sheer manpower with dangerous looking gangways.

Also worth mentioning that two Swedish girls were visiting the docks and they decided to hire a little boat for a tour. I never bothered as the boats looked decidedly dodgy, but I did get an invite for dinner with them tonight.

Due to the limitations of the file size, the gallery does not doe the photo's justice but I'm sure you'll "get the picture"

Interesting place, worth a visit when the roads are quiet....
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#59103 - 18 Aug 07 12:06 Re: Sunda Kelapa [Re: Dilli]
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Pujangga Besar

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wow spooky, I went there last weekend too for something to write about for MM. Did you see the new Batavia Marina just about to open? Very flash
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#59106 - 18 Aug 07 12:59 Re: Sunda Kelapa [Re: Roy's Hair]
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Pujangga Besar

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I did see it but did not get any photographs.

If you like any of the shots above I have them in Hi Res (about 4mb) files, FOC
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