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Poster chewwyUK Offline
Posted 10 Aug 07 11:13
Always worth a visit
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#58325 - 10 Aug 07 13:23 Re: More on Indonesia [Re: chewwyUK]
Cuckoo Offline

Registered: 12 Jun 07
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Loc: fairyland
Nice pics! Is that Amanjiwo?
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#58327 - 10 Aug 07 13:34 Re: More on Indonesia [Re: Cuckoo]
emmajkt Offline

Registered: 02 Mar 07
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Very nice central java!!
bla bla bla

#58334 - 10 Aug 07 13:57 Re: More on Indonesia [Re: emmajkt]
KuKuKaChu Moderator Offline
Pooh Bah

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jogja, if you want to get technical about it ...
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#58360 - 10 Aug 07 15:58 Re: More on Indonesia [Re: KuKuKaChu]
babydee Offline

Registered: 01 Aug 07
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Loc: jakarta
Jogjakarta....water castle...Prambanan...Borobudur

nice place to visit

#58375 - 10 Aug 07 20:55 Re: More on Indonesia [Re: babydee]
flingwing Offline

Registered: 28 May 07
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Loc: Jakarta
Chewwy, nice photos, especially those of Borobudur.

I've never been there, always thinking - until lately, maybe - that the place would be just another local tourist site (too many people, bad lawns, and littered with discarded Teh-Bottle boxes and paper everywhere), only writ larger.

However, those photos show something else. It would be foolish to think the location for a project as "grand" as that would be chosen arbitrarily. So, an influential "board" of religious leaders must have figured the site had special power even before they got there.

What do you think? Is there any mystery left in it? When you were walking around and up and down it, is it just a nice, large, volcanic-stone monument, or does it still have some "mojo" left?

Again, good photos.


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