National Television Must Telecast 10 Percent Local Programs
Tuesday, 31 July, 2007 | 17:57 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: In order to implement the provision of broadcasting network system, the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) suggested that the obligation of the television industry, for the first stage, to broadcast local program with a proportion of 10 percent.

“This first stage is to be implemented for three years,” KPI member, Yoanes Bosco Salamun, told Tempo in Jakarta yesterday (30/7).

The broadcasting network system has been compelled by
the Decree No. 32/2002 on Broadcasting. It is planned that this provision will be implemented by December 28, 2007.

According to Bosco, this policy is quite realistic. After the 10 percent proportion is fulfilled, local program broadcasting will be increased to 30 percent.

Next, within three-years, he said, it is expected that television stations can meet 50 percent of the network in all the provinces that receive their programs.
In the meantime, regarding share ownership in television station companies with local partners, Bosco said, will be implemented in 2014.

This KPI's decision will be known as the Indonesian Private Television Association (ATSI), Indonesian Local Television Association, the government and the public within three months.

Bosco said, KPI's decision is still open to change. “We will see the ability and possibility,” said the man who is also called Don Bosco.

However, according to ATSI Chairman, Karni Ilyas, the television industry has not yet been ready to implement the broadcasting network system as ordered by the Broadcasting Decree. The reason is the market's support or advertising revenue in regions, especially outside Java, are still minimum. This will cause difficulty for the broadcasting network implementation.

“Outside Java, we're very pessimistic. Noone puts on advertising,” said Karni during KPI national coordination meeting.

SCTV's Corporate Secretary, Hardijanto Saroso said his party is still asking for KPI and the government policy. According to him, for implementing the stage of local program telecasting, the station has impediments of costs and technical problems such as transponder satellite.

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