Govt to ease regulations on biofuel export

Jakarta (Antara News) - The Engery and Mineral Resources Ministry (ESDM) will ease regulations on bio-feul export by automatically allowing export of the commdity if the exporter concerned has not received a response to his/her application for a ministry recommendation within 10 days after submitting the application, a spokesperson said.

"The drafting of the minister`s decree on the matter is almost completed," the ministry`s senior adviser on technology and human resources, Evita Herawati Legowo, said after attending a seminar on crude palm oil (CPO).

She said that Government Regulation No. 36 /2004 stipulated that export of biofuel can be done only with a recommendations from the ministry.

Later on, when the new decree is already in force, exporters could carry out their exports 10 days after applying export recommedations. If they have not received response from the ESDM, they could enclose the receipt of their applications to carry out the exports.

She said that at least three companies had up to now obtained bio-fuel export recommendations, one of which had the capacity to export 60 thousand tons annually.

In the meantime, the government will issue a regulation making the use of biofuel by all vehicles mandatory like in the European Union, she said.

This policy will be adopted in an effort to encourage the use of biofuel, she said.

The European Union has set a target that about 5.75 percent of its vehicles would already use biofuel at the end of 2007, or early in 2008 at the lates.(*)
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