Penetration of culture-based products to global markets to be prioritized

Jakarta (Antara News) - The government was expected to intensify the penetration of national culture and history based products to the global market by providing various facilities and incentives to the exporters, Industry Minister Fahmi Idris said here over the weekend.

Fahmi said Indonesia`s culture-based products should be developed more modernly with a technological touch and design to meet the market preferences.

In addition, he said the centers of culture-based products would be developed as tourist sites both for domestic and foreign tourists who were expected to buy and market those products to countries which are interested in the Indonesian products.

Fahmi said the development of culture-based products needed facilities and incentives like capital and designs from different research institutions as well as technological support so that the products could play a role on the international market.

He said culture-based products could also serve as basis for other creative economic products like those in the fields of information technology, printing and films.

"Culture-based products should be developed by all stake holders, not only the government," he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy to the General Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin)`s for industrial, technological and maritime affairs Rachmat Gobel hoped the development of culture-based products should have medium and long term plans to increase their economic values for the people`s welfare.

"The government should not only stop at the holding of the Indonesian Culture-based Products Exhibition, but should also develop a plan for the next five years," said Rachmat whose roadmap on the industrial development in 2010 and 2030 included culture-based products which were expected to be an industry able to overcome poverty and unemployment.

The culture-based products incorporated in the roadmap include batik clothing, herbal medicines, handicraft goods, wooden and rattan furniture as well as foods produced by certain areas in Indonesia. (*)
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