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#56096 - 11 Jul 07 15:53 Translation please....
riccardo Offline

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Sounds like this might be an interesting story, I have a good measure of respect for both of these NGOs, but I couldn't follow it fully, my Pig Latin is really rusty these days. Anyone able to do a full translation on this:


NGOs call for European auditors to scrutinize troubled aviation industry

JAKARTA (JP): Two non-governmental groups, Indonesian Consumer Foundation (YLKI) and Indonesian Human Rights Monitor (Imparsial), called Tuesday on coming European Commission auditors on aviation safety to review the reported use of commercial flights for intelligence works and the failure to press charges against airliners in the case of deadly accident.

The commission slapped last week a ban for all Indonesian airlines from flying to Europe due to distrust caused by the country's poor aviation safety record after a string of accidents and technical malfunctions in the past three years.

The groups called to attention the murder of rights campaigner Munir onboard a Garuda Indonesia flight in September 2004, which involved fake assignment letters.

There are documented records citing the use of Garuda and Merpati (Airline) in the past as a cover for intelligence works," said Sudariatmo of the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI).

He referred to a 1993 biography by Julius Pour of military figure Gen. (ret.) LB Moerdani, who died in 2004 and a 2007 book by Ken Comboy on intelligence.

"These facts are a violation of the 1944 Chicago Convention, the fourth article, that strictly forbids all states not to use civilian flights against its common use. It endangers the safety of the passengers," he said.

Rusdi Marpaung of the Indonesian Human Rights Monitor (Imparsial), an organization Munir supported, said the case of Munir's death revealed how Garuda, the nation's flag carrier, was not up to international standards.

#56100 - 11 Jul 07 16:51 Re: Translation please.... [Re: riccardo]
Piss Salon Offline
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"Ken Comboy". Hahahaha
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#56113 - 11 Jul 07 21:36 Re: Translation please.... [Re: Piss Salon]
kenyeung Moderator Offline

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Loosely translated: Indonesian military used commercial airlines to kill people and SBY lacks balls to punish perpetrators because the Suharto clan and military helped bankroll his presidential campaign and continue to support him.

Also severely lacking balls/ethics is Ken Conboy, who is too spineless to write about the murderous past of former State Intelligence Agency chief Hendropriyono (who oversaw the murder of Munir and many other killings). This is cos Ken Conboy is intimately acquainted with a member of Hendro's family. Why is that people named Ken are such tosspots?


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