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$65.5m Investment in Jambi in 2006

Five foreign investors and their Indonesian partners invested $65.5 million in Jambi province last year, a report said, according to Antara.

The investment projects created jobs for more than 2,700 people, said the report, issued by the provincial development and promotion body on Monday (2/7/07).

Malaysian-Indonesian venture PT Plant Biofuel Indonesia, engaged in base organic chemicals, invested $48 million to open its business in Tanjung Jabung Barat district.

Thai-Indonesian fishery company, PT Bumi Laut Sumber Utama, invested $13.5 million and absorbed 1,759 Indonesian workers.
PT Doosan Crude Petroleum Forest Korea meanwhile invested $3.5 million in a timber estate in Tanjung Jabung Timur and employed more than 1,000 Indonesians.

Two Indian-Indonesian companies invested in Jambi -- PT Shaaj International Agro, engaged in the trade and distribution of agricultural products, invested $255,000; and import export company PT Vipul Jaya Lestari invested $200,000 and created jobs for 16 Indonesian workers.
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