Aceh Jaya still wide open to foreign investors

Banda Aceh (Antara News) - Aceh Jaya district, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) province, is still wide open to national and foreign investors to sink their capital in the district in a bid to create new job opportunities and accelerate economic growth, a local official has said.

"We will provide various facilities to investors who wish to exploit Aceh Jaya`s natural wealth for the local people`s prosperity and welfare," Deputy to the Aceh Jaya district head, Zamzami A Rani, said here Friday.

Zamzami pointed out that in the plantation sector, Aceh Jaya has at least 45,000 hectare plot of land for oil palm plantation besides areas for the sectors of agriculture, fishery, tourism and animal husbandry which have bright prospects.

Aceh Jaya which was seriously damaged by tsunami on December 26, 2004, is now trying to reawaken by improving all sectors of life including the infrastructures.

"In the husbandry sector, Aceh Jaya has the potential to buffalo husbandry," he said, adding that only small part of the district`s natural potentials was exploited through a national private plantation pattern.

The agricultural sector in the district has not been managed well as it is only traditionally exploited by the local people to meet their daily needs without irrigated fields, he said.

Likewise, Aceh Jaya has yet to deal with the fishery sector professionally unlike other districts in NAD province, which have been developing shrim and milkfish ponds as well as growing crabs.

"If all the natural potentials are well exploited, I believe Aceh Java will be able to reawaken and the local people will live in prosperity in the futurte," Zamzami said.(*)
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