German investor interested in setting up seaweed-based industry

Manado (Antara News) - A German investor is interested in setting up an industry to produce high quality seaweed-based products like toothpaste, wine and ointment, a marine affairs official said.

"The investor also plans to cultivate seaweek," marine resources and fishery minister`s expert staff Prof Dr Rizald Rompas said here on Wednesday.

The plan is now still at the stage of a memorandum of understanding, he said adding the German investor still wished to conduct a further survey before deciding to continue with it.

He said the investor had already made a presentation in Indonesia. It is hoped the plan will continue as expected by both Indonesia and Germany, he said.

Regarding the site of the industry, he said it would be determined based on the results of the survey.

"The Indonesian eastern region is one of the potential regions as seaweed production there is good and many farmers there cultivate it," he said.

He said besides the German investor, other investors had also shown interest in the country`s fishery sector such as a Japanese investor who was interested in processing salt from deep sea in the eastern region.

"Based on a survey done by an expert team of the Japanese investor, seawater taken from 300 meter below sea level is free from pollution and able to produce the world`s best quality salt," he said.

A survey was done in Papua and it was found that the region was one of the best locations for the industry, he said. He said the investor however had asked for the area to be freed from shipping traffic to prevent the sea from becoming polluted.

Other region considered to be potential for the industry is North Sulawesi but a survey still had yet to be carried out there, he said.

He said the seawater would later be processed into mineral water after salt had been taken out from it to meet local as well as foreign demand.(*)
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