From Government of Indonesia

Minister: Press Freedom Safe

Communications and Information Minister Muhammad Nuh said Monday (18/7/07) that the government remains committed to protecting Indonesian press freedom as well as those working in the media industry, The Jakarta Post reported.

"There have been no such ideas to revise the 1999 Press Law ... We don't know where the issue has come from," he told a hearing with the House of Representatives Commission I for information, defense and foreign affairs.

The minister was responding to questions raised by commission members who warned that the nation's press could be returned to its former state under the authoritarian New Order regime if the government pursued a revision of the Press Law.

The acting Director General for Information Services, Widiatnyana Merati, said the ministry is currently studying ways to empower the media, provide social security programs for media workers and ensure that the legislation is used in legal cases.

"So far, we have held discussions with the University of Indonesia and the Padjadjaran University in Bandung, West Java, to prepare the necessary regulations or decrees to enforce the Press Law," he said.
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