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#54163 - 19 Jun 07 17:54 ANT/Local workers expected to absorb knowledge, skills of expats
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Local workers expected to absorb knowledge, skills of expats

Jambi (Antara News)- The business companies in Jambi were suggested to use expetriates to train the local workers in accordance with their skills, a spokesman said.

Local workers should learn or observe the knowledge and skills of expatriates employed by Indonesian companies, so that the companies will no longer have to recruit highly-paid expatriates in the future, Haris Rachim, head of the Jambi manpower office said here on Monday.

The Jambi manpower office in cooperation with the related institutions has been constantly monitoring the activities of the dozens of expatriates in the region, he said, adding that their presence has a significant meaning to the local companies, because they are more skillful.

The companies in Jambi which were employing expatriates, included the pulp industry, oil and gas company, crumb rubber and crude palm oil producers, and consruction companies. (*)
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#54183 - 20 Jun 07 07:50 Re: ANT/Local workers expected to absorb knowledge, skills of expats [Re: KuKuKaChu]
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Fuck that!

Here is an e-mail one off the guys that works in our Houston Office sent me regarding training ones own replacements (this one was in the IT industry in New York)which made quite a stir.

I found it rather cute.

You worked all night. I would have had to be there also, but I told you I needed to leave early to go to the doctor. Actually I had a job interview. So blow me. This is a dead end job with long hours. Everyone gets the same raise and the least performing person on the team makes $10k more than me. Hope you enjoyed working all night asshole.

On top of that you are moving jobs to India. You have Pradeep here reading all of my programming code and you instructing me to show him what I am doing. Are you a fucking retard? You really think I don’t know what is going on?

Well what I told Pradeep is bullshit. It’s all wrong. The programming code I gave him does not work and is filled errors. I also “accidently” fucked up something that is going into production this weekend. It will bring the system down next week. It’s rather subtle. Let’s see if Pradeep can find it.

Pradeep and his $11k/year salary (he told me) who is here on a special visa (L2 visa) to learn how to do my job so you can move it to fucking India. You have 4 of these assholes in a 2 bedroom apartment and they share one piece of shit rental car. Of course you are lying to me and saying that is not happening. This is why you laid off 8 people in another group who did the same thing? They got excorted out by security and got a whopping 2 weeks severance pay. They were told the same lies. This is after they gave up weekends and worked 60 hours/week for 3 months to meet a deadline.

Well douchebag, I am starting my new job on Monday. I have 5 sick days that I want to get paid for so I will have the flu next week. When you try to call me to fix the system, you will get a busy signal because my “phone is not working”. This way I get paid double for a week.

Oh I also changed a bunch of the passwords to random numbers. I don’t know what the fuck they are. No one logs into these for months at a time. So by the time you figure out the passwords don’t work I will be long gone. Fucking cocksucker.

I also forgot to tell you. Pradeep told me that as soon as he gets back to India he is going to get another job. He thinks he can get a 50% raise with all the American experience he got here.

Fuck you bossman.


Menace to Sobriety

#54187 - 20 Jun 07 08:10 Re: ANT/Local workers expected to absorb knowledge, skills of expats [Re: Dilli]
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I have no idea why people still think expats are an expensive option. At the senior level there is not a huge amount of difference in money
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