Another report I read said there were "dozens" of journos from several media outlets. I say name and shame them all. Of course sadly, most won't be shamed. The greater society and fellow journos will only say "pintar banget" and wish they had been the ones to receive the envelopes. Nonetheless, good on Tempo for naming a few with specific amounts. I can't remember ever reading such specific details. It's usually one of those things where we all know it's going on, but lack the specific evidence and proof (and those that know it and talk about it, get punished).
Now what are these "offending" publications going to do with their proven envelope journos?????


Tempo Interactive

Reporters Accept Rokhmin's Funds

Tuesday, 12 June, 2007

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: After it was disclosed that 30 members of the House of Representatives (DPR) accepted non-budgetary funds of the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Department (DKP) under the administration of Rokhmin Dahuri, several print and electronic media reporters were also accused as having accepted the funds from the same source.

According to the dossier of the Maritime Department funds case with suspect, former Secretary General of the Maritime Department, Andin H. Taryoto, the fund flow to the reporters went continued from 2001-2004. This was revealed by the statement of Didi Sadili, civil officer at the Maritime Department, when being examined by the Corruption Eradication Corruption (KPK) on November 2, 2006.

The reporters include Danke Drajat from private television station Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI). On September 9, 2002, Danke is said to have received money from DKP amounting to Rp56.5 million and on April 28, 2004 Rp17.8 million. However, Danke denied it and said he did not know anything about the fund. “For God's sake, I didn't receive a penny from him (Rokhmin Dahuri),” said Danke, who is now RCTI's Public Relations Head.

Another reporter, Putut Trihusodo, from Gatra weekly magazine, confirmed having received Rp40 million in funds from Rokhmin in 2004. “The money was for making a documentary video on DKP's Mina Bahari Program with the Pen and Light community,” he said.

In the Andin lawsuit dossier, on March 9, 2004, Putut along with Republika reporter, Damanhuri, were said to have received funds from DKP totaling Rp96 million for an event in Cirebon. “About that information, I don't know,” said Putut.

Damanhuri acknowledged having received Rp25 million from Rokhmin in 2001. “The money was for helping an education foundation in Bogor,” he told Tempo. In 2004, he confirmed again having received funds from DKP that amounted to Rp75 million for writing a book of Rokhmin's profile entitled Perjuangan Anak Nelayan (The Struggle of a Fisherman’s Child).

In addition, several Republika reporters also received the same amount of funds. One of them is Zis Muzahid Hasan.

Zis acknowledged this. According to him, the funds from Rokhmin were used for his post-graduate study at the University of Indonesia.

The Head of Indonesia's Independent Journalist Alliance, Heru Hendratmoko, said KPK should have checked all Rokhmin fund receivers, including reporters. “The media is a business of trust. If editorial board members can't be trusted, the business will be ruined,” he said.

Just here proffering my pearls to swine, my throat to wolves and my trousers to the flagpole.