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#53488 - 09 Jun 07 08:09 crappy indonesia movies
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Pooh Bah

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[Shesca] looking at the Indo movies nowadays
[Shesca] mengejar mas-mas, what a GREAT title
[Shesca] and we think we are moving forward in our educational aspect frown

[KuKuKaChu] i was just looking at coklat stroberi ... looks highly edecational...

[Shesca] and they still expect us to watch Indo movie and becoming LESS westernized by watching too much hollywood movies

[KuKuKaChu] the crap they make just amazes me. indoneisan filmmakers start with the actors and cameras first, then try and figure out a story
[KuKuKaChu] rule 1: start with the story, then make a script, then the screenplay, then casting, then filming
[KuKuKaChu] not the other way around!

[Shesca] haah
[Shesca] i mean haha
[Shesca] that's how Ada Apa dengan Cinta, an extremelly crappy flick won the highest award \:\(
[Shesca] the older ones actually were pretty good

[KuKuKaChu] yes, many 70s films are way ahead of what gets produced now

[Shesca] at least they are back after being in hybernation for so long
KuKuKaChu: dangerously too sophisticated

#53526 - 09 Jun 07 21:12 Re: crappy indonesia movies [Re: KuKuKaChu]
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Pooh Bah

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Here are synopses of the latest indonesian movies now showing:


Key (Nadia Saphira) and Citra (Marsha Timothy) are best friends living together in rented house in Jakarta. They are students with part time jobs. Citra works in a distribution outlet boutique while Key struggles to be a sitcom actress. Family financial problems causes Key to fail paying this year’s rent. The sitcom contract as her last resort for cash has also failed because the producer had hidden feelings and intentions for Key that made her run away

Mrs. Ratna (Tieke Priatnakusuma), the landlady, tired of Key’s countless excuses failing to pay the rent, has finally decided to include of her friends’ sons to share with Key and Citra in hopes of helping the girls with the rent money. These two boys are Nesta (Nino Fernandez) and Aldi (Marrio Merdhithia). The presence of two nice-looking mates has brought a new color the lives of Key and Citra. But beyond that, Nest and Aldi kept with them a secret. What secret their hiding?

Film will released on June 14, 2007



Yusuf (Nicholas Saputra), an uptight 21 year-old, is convinced by his 19 year-old wild cousin, Ambar (Adinia Wirasti), to escape a family gathering and go clubbing with her. Drunk and wasted, they wake up the next morning to find that they have missed their flight to attend a family wedding in another town.

The two cousins decide to drive there in a family car, not knowing that the supposedly one day journey takes them 3 days instead. Along the way they get high and get lost, encounter interesting and bizarre characters, run into an argument about religion, marriage and sex, while trying to defeat the arising sexual tension between them.

With ‘3 Days to Forever’, Writer-Director Riri Riza (‘Eliana Eliana’, ‘Gie’) delves into these weighty issues with the lighter touch and carefree attitude of a road movie, yet creates an intimate film that will reflect the feelings of inebriation and alienation of the two young protagonists as they feel their way through societal conventions.

3 Days to Forever has been premiered in Hong Kong International Film Festival dan Singapore International Film Festival to an enthusiastic audience. The film stars Nicholas Saputra (Best Actor, in Indonesian Film Award 2005) and Adinia Wirasti (Best Supporting Actress, in Indonesian Film Award 2005), and has received 8 cuts from the Indonesian Censorship Board.

3 Days to Forever will have a limited screening in Indonesia starting June 8, 2007. Only people who are at the age of 18 and above can be admitted in the theatres for this film



Luna’s (Widi Mulia) office has many mysteries, the sad whispering every time mentioned the 13th floor, the groan voice at the emergency ladder and female crying in toilet are just some of the horrors. The incident a year ago during built of the office end up fatal. At this time, will Luna survive from the horror as her the 13th candidate victim? Could Rafael (Ariyo Wahab) Luna’s boyfriend rescue her from danger?

At cinemas on June 7, 2007



In the past, a woman named Suci was slaughtered by mass because she was believed had black magic that killed the residents. Before died, Suci condemned the area and promised to take revenge

In present, the condemned land has built a motel, but each Thursday Kliwon night (a time when it is believed (by Javanese) that ghosts appear) anyone who spent the night there will possessed by ghosts, even until they die

Four teenagers - Ramon, Dhika, Sheila and Joana get arrested by police for bring illegal drugs which is not belong to them. Feel not guilty and frightened, they run away and become fugitive. They find the empty motel and the terrors are started. They not only terrorized by Suci’s spirit but also people who killed by her

Suci’s soul possessed them one by one and they start kill each other. There is no way to stop Suci from killing in every Thursday Kliwon night

Movie will released on May 31, 2007



Shanaz (17 y.o) becomes a rebellious girl because she felt guilty for her father death. Her relationship with her mother disharmonize, and things get worse when her mother decides to marry her boyfriend within 8 months since her father died. Disappointed, she runs away to Jogja to follow her boyfriend Mika. Unfortunately she lost contact with him, and without money, she’s been strayed to Pasar Kembang (Sarkem), the worst localization in Jogjakarta.

Ningsih, a prostitute who saves her from a bad guy, let Shanaz stays with her. By the time they get close and care to each other. Then Shanaz meet Parno, Ningsih’s former boyfriend. They often spend their time together during Ningsih absence for “work”. Even he’s 20 years older than Shanaz, but Parno’s kindnesses crush to Shanaz’s heart. Shanaz secretly falls in love with him, although Ningsih and Parno still care for each other. Then everything become complicated eversince

Film will released on May 24, 2007


KuKuKaChu: dangerously too sophisticated


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