Well, never tried it here, but who knows she has luck on this site.

My friend Tini's looking for a new employer or a new family who'd like to hire her asap as a live-out maid. She does cook and cleaning. She can cook western and Indonesian food (her former Austrian boss taught her how to cook western food). Her experiences were working full-time with an Austrian family for three years(she also took care of the children and was working live-in) and she is currently working full-time with a Chinese family for about 6 months. Her latest salary is around IDR 1,200,000 (but she got higher when she was working with the Austrian fam - around 2 million/mo). She doesn't mind working full-time or part time and maybe you can even discuss with her to work live-in for you, but she asks at least she gets day-off on Saturday and Sunday. She lives in southern part of Jakarta, so this maybe suits you who live in the same region. You can call Tini at 0812 529 2227 if you're interested in hiring her. She can speak English well. Thanks a lot.
wo lamhe wo bateein koi na jaane...