RI`s non-oil exports drop 3.75 pct

Jakarta (Antara News) - Indonesia`s non-oil exports in April reached a total value of US$7.35 billion or down 3.75 percent from the previous month`s figure, the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) reports.

The deputy head for economic statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Peitojo, said here on Monday the largest decline was recorded in the exports of electric machineries and equipment as well as seed commodities, iron crust and ash, and non-knitted garments.

"Exports of machineries, locomotives, cocoa and tobacco generally declined," he said.

Based on the BPS data exports of electric machinaries/equipment declined by US$121.2 million from US$702.6 million in March to US$581.6 million.

Other commodities that dropped significantly were seed commodities and iron crust and ash namely by US$93.3 million from US$583.4 million to US$490.1 million.

Exports of non-knitted garments dropped US$69.6 million from US$308.7 millin to US$239.1 million and wooden products US$28.7 million from US$287.8 million to US$259.1 million.

He said although exports declined in April, compared to the same month last year, they were up 23.63 percent.

"The biggest hike was recorded in the exports of animal/vegetable oil and fat namely US$218.2 million," he said.

Large increase was also rccorded in the exports of copper (up US$83.6 million), mineral fuels (up US$49.6 million) and organic chemical materials (up US$49.1 million).

He said non-oil/gas imports in April rose 2.37 percent compared with the previous month, reaching US$4.02 billion.

Largest hike was recorded in the imports of aircraft machineries namely US$68.7 million from US$635.9 million in March to US$722.6 million.

Large increase was also recorded in the exports of iron and steel namely US$50.6 million from US$280.5 million to US$331.1 million, plastic and plastic goods namely US$4.9 million from US$175 million to US$180.1 million.

The rise in the three main group of commodities however was not followed by seven other groups of commodities namely machineries, electric equipment, organize chemical goods, vehicles and their parts, iron and steel products, sugar and sweets, and cotton.(*)
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