Price of pertamax up again

Jakarta (Antara News) - State oil and gas company Pertamina has further raised the prices of its Pertamax, Pertamax Plus, Pertamax DEX and Bio Pertamax as of June 1 at zero hours local time, following the global oil price hike last month.

Pertamina`s communications division chief Toharso said here on Thursday April 2007 fuel oil prices in Singapore as price reference in Indonesia increased by 2.9-12 percent, although the rupiah`s exchange rate against the US dollar rose by 2.41 percent.

Earlier, as of May 1, 2007, the prices of Pertamax, Pertamax Plus, Pertamina Dex, and Bio Pertamax, had been raised.

The price of Pertamax per liter in Jakarta, Banten, and West Java, had been raised from Rp6,050 on May 1 to Rp6.400 on June 1, 2007.

Likewise, Pertamax Plus was raised to Rp6,500 from Rp6,350, Pertamina Dex from Rp6,250 to Rp6,300 and Bio Pertamax from Rp6.050 to Rp6,400 per liter.

Toharso also disclosed that in the wake of the global oil price hike, the price of fuel oil for industries had also been raised as of June 1, 2007.

The new fuel oil (premium) price for industries now stands at Rp6,400.9, kerosene Rp5,834.4, automotive diesel oil Rp6,060.5, industrial diesel oil Rp5,797, diesel oil Rp5,621, and residual oil Rp3,699.3.

He also said that the price of premium increased by 8.8 percent, kerosene 2.9 percent, industrial diesel oil five percent, diesel oil 3.3 percent, and residual oil 3.1 percent.

Toharso added that the subsidized prices of kerosene, premium and diesel oil remained unchanged.

Subsidized premium stays at Rp4,500 per liter, diesel oil Rp4,300 and kerosene Rp2,000. (*)
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