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#52918 - 01 Jun 07 21:02 Fuck for Forest
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Fuck for Forest
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fuck For Forest, or FFF, is an environmental organisation founded in Norway by Leona Johansson and Tommy Hol Ellingsen, which raises money for rescuing the world's rainforests by producing pornographic material or having sex in public. In their first six months of existence the group received seed funding from the government of Norway.

The group gained notoriety when two of its members had intercourse on stage during a Quart Festival concert by Norwegian singer Kristopher Schau and his band, The Cumshots, after delivering a brief talk on the impact humans have on natural forests. Fleeing from the legal troubles that stemmed from the act (including a fine imposed on the group after its male member dropped his pants in a Kristiansand, Norway courtroom) the organisation moved its headquarters to Berlin, Germany.

In its first year of existence, the organisation's website netted over $100,000 for rain forest protection through the sale of paid memberships after legal costs and fines. However, Fuck For Forest's unorthodox methods have made it difficult to distribute the money it makes. Both the WWF in Norway and the Netherlands have refused to accept donations from FFF. As a result, Fuck For Forest is working on a project to work directly with indigenous communities in Costa Rica and the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.
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#52920 - 01 Jun 07 21:25 Re: Fuck for Forest [Re: KuKuKaChu]
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Where do you sign up? I was in Kristiansand less than a year ago and distinctly remember exposing myself in the 'premiere' nightclub sometime after midnight because they started playing Bon fucking Jovi. Norway is backwards. Nice. But backwards.

Oh, I wasn't arrested. Perhaps because they couldn't see the 'evidence'. It is quite cold there also.
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#52933 - 02 Jun 07 10:47 Re: Fuck for Forest [Re: Piss Salon]
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Gives "Tree Hugging" a whole new meaning. I'm all for doing my bit to save the planet though
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