The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR, forms part of Australia’s official development assistance program. ACIAR’s main role is the identification of agricultural and natural resource policy and management problems of developing countries, commissioning collaborative projects between Australian and developing country research institutions and publishing and communicating the results of the research.

As part of a new partnership between the Australian and Indonesian governments known as SADI (Smallholder Agribusiness Development Initiative), ACIAR is managing a research-oriented subprogram called SMAR (Support for Market-driven Adaptive Research). SMAR aims to strengthen adaptive agricultural R&D services for smallholders and agribusiness/SMEs in four provinces of Eastern Indonesia, and to ensure that R&D outcomes are effectively packaged and delivered for application. SMAR is working closely with two other subprograms of SADI that emphasise enhanced smallholder production and marketing and private sector agribusiness development.

Agricultural Technology Assessment
 & Extension Adviser

ACIAR is currently looking for an experienced Indonesian to fill a senior position as "Agricultural Technology Assessment and Extension Adviser". The successful applicant will work with Indonesian R&D organisations on the processes of agricultural technology assessment and knowledge exchange processes between agricultural research, extension, private sector and farmers. As part of a larger team, the successful applicant will:

  1. evaluate current processes of agricultural technology assessment and extension
  2. develop and assessing the effectiveness of extension media/materials to help disseminate R&D outcomes
  3. develop improved knowledge exchange processes between research, extension, private sector and farmers
  4. evaluate these improved extension media/materials and improved knowledge transfer processes in the context of pilot projects in the field.
Applicants should have a postgraduate degree in agriculture or a discipline related to the study of agricultural technology assessment or extension processes. The position will be based in our office in Makassar with an initial contract period to the end of June 2009. The successful applicant will be expected to travel for up to 30% of their time.

An attractive, senior salary package will be negotiated.

ACIAR encourages applications from all suitably qualified women and men.

Selection Criteria

The successful applicant is likely to have:

  1. an S2 or higher degree from a recognised University in agriculture or a discipline related to the study of agricultural technology assessment and extension processes
  2. international training and/or experience in working with international research and development organisations
  3. experience in the evaluation, implementation and management of agricultural technology assessment and extension processes
  4. understanding of Indonesian agriculture, fisheries and forestry and agribusiness sectors, including the roles of Indonesian R&D organisations would be desirable
  5. demonstrated ability in coordination and communication with expatriate professionals, technical advisors and other partners.
  6. ability to collaborate with partners and project counterparts in the planning, management and review of project activities.
  7. communication and group facilitation skills.
  8. proven communications and reporting skills, with good English language skills (written and spoken).
  9. ability to prepare and provide orientation and technical briefings for project counterpart and partners.

A complete CV addressing the Selection Criteria (above), and stating your expected salary range, must arrive by 15 June 2007 to:

Okusi Associates
Jalan Jaksa No. 11
Kebon Sirih 10340
Jakarta Pusat, DKI

or by email (preferred) to:

Besides addressing the Selection Criteria, candidates must also provide the names and telephone numbers of three referees.

If you have particular questions, contact Mr Gary Dean on, phone 021 390 1007.

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