Kadin urges govt. to protect domestic market

JAKARTA (Antara): The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) called on the government to optimize its protection over domestic market in order to attract investment and fuel the growth of the real sector, a Kadin official said on Thursday.

"It seems that the government has not been aware of the need to protect the huge domestic market in order to attract foreign investors," Rachmat Gobel, Kadin's deputy chairman for industry, technology and marine affairs, said.

He said that the government's policy framework, its implementation and supervision to protect domestic market had not yet been made optimally among government agencies.

"It is admittedly that market nowadays has become freer with tariff up to nil percent. Japan as advanced states also opens its market with nil tariff but it continues to protect its domestic market with standard provisions which are difficult to be penetrated by various products from other countries," he said.(***)
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