Govt urged to prioritize foreign investment in hitech projects

Banda Aceh (ANTARA) - General chairman of the Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) Chamber of Commerce and Industry H Firmandez said foreign investment should be prioritized for high technology and capital intensive projects.

He made the remarks here on Wednesday relating to the weaknesses of local investors in realizing hitech and capital intensive projects.

The government is expected to make such offer to foreign investors and they then would have to follow the rules in handling hitech and capital intensive projects, Firmandez said.

The central government is also expected to set a target for the transfer of technology and confirm that local workers could be placed in key positions, to enable them to eventually absorb the technological skills they needed.

In addition, the government should also continue its control of other sectors as well, such as the agriculture, textile and other labor intensive sectors in an effort to maintain their comparative advantage and to develop the national mainstay industries, he said.

The provincial administration has provided ample opportunity to foreign investors to conduct business in the western-most resources-rich province.(*)
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