Advertisement Regulation Violators Threatened with Multiple Sanctions
Wednesday, 02 May, 2007 | 15:30 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: The Information and Communication Minister Regulation on the Domestic Resources Usage for Advertisement Products Broadcast by Broadcasting Institution, is effective starting yesterday (1/5).

People who violate this new regulation are threatened with multiple sanctions.

Sofyan Djalil, Information and Communication Minister, said the regulation was issued in order to advance the domestic industry's and resources competitive power in broadcasting.

The regulation is in fact already included in the Article 46 Point 11 of the Decree No. 32/2006 on Broadcasting.
Unfortunately, the law does not explain in details about the definition of domestic resources.

As a result, a large number of advertising groups violated the law.

In practice its extremely free, said Sofyan in Jakarta yesterday (1/5).

According to Emmy Yuhasari, a member of Information and Communication Minister's expert staff, the use of local resources in the law is arranged from the process of production to post-production.

From the aspect of acting, the provision is effective for models, actors, supporting-actors, directors, creative directors, photography directors, lighting directors, production officers, camera persons, audio operators, production assistants, back sound operators and tele-cinema operators.

It is the same with on-line editors, off-line editors, effect editors, graphic artists, animation artists, musicians, music arrangers, effect persons, recording operators, technical advisers, stunt and audio as also visual 3-D special effect editors.

In the implementation, said Emmy, every advertising agency must sign a letter of statement that the advertisement has fulfilled the requirements.

The letter must be handed to television stations.
If anyone is found to have violated the requirements, Emmy said the government will impose multiple sanctions.

First, administrative sanctions that forbids broadcasting of the advertisement on television and radio station.
The agency will be charged under the falsehood article of the Criminal Code.

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