Limits put ontalent in advertising

Alvin Darlanika Soedarjo, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Soccer enthusiasts will only be able to see Cristiano Ronaldo, this year's winner of two player of the year awards, promoting a local local energy drink until the end of the year. The reason: slots for next year's ads must be dominated by local models and actors.

The Communication and Information Ministry on Tuesday issued an advertising regulation limiting the involvement of foreign actors and other resources in the production of broadcast advertising.

But an exception to the new regulation will be foreign publications or advertisements with international material, including tourism publications.

"We want to boost local resources in the advertising industry by creating more opportunity for them," Communication and Information Minister Sofyan A. Djalil said.

Despite the new restrictions, companies and producers are allowed to argue the terms surrounding global brands, for example.

"Foreign talents and technical advisers are permitted in production and post-production as long as the 1:3 ratio between foreign and local workers is met," Sofyan said.

"The clause is meant to guarantee the transfer of knowledge from foreigners to locals.

"Broadcast advertising should use and maximize local resources in both production and post-production."

The minister also said the role of local human resources -models, directors, cameramen, editors, animators and music directorsshould be grown, while materials including settings, buildings, languages and music should represent local values.

Despite these restrictions and exemptions, there are still gray areas in the regulation.

The government expects locals should be able to take over the position held by a foreign worker within two years.

Foreign workers in advertisement production are also expected to register with associations related to their professions.

"There will be a transition period until the end of the year," Sofyan said.who have already signed contracts to use foreign content and resources will be given six months to complete the contracts.

"Violations could be punishable under the Criminal Code," he said.

Secretary-general of the Indonesian Association for Advertising Agencies Irvan Ramli said he had yet to read the new regulation.

"If there are clauses that need revision, I'm sure the government will listen to our input," he said.
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