RI cannot avoid being flooded by Chinese goods

Beijing (Antara News) - Indonesia cannot avoid being flooded by goods from China because international trade has adopted a free system, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Indonesian Embassy Mohammad Oemar said here on Monday.

"It is impossible for Indonesia to reject Chinese goods without acceptable reasons because if we do so, Indonesia will be viewed as violating international trade rules," he said.

He made the statements in response to complaints from businessmen at home on the influx of imported goods from China.

National businessmen complained that the flooding of goods from China into the country had reduced the competitive edge of local products.

He said it was not only Indonesia which was facing the problem. A number of other countries such as the United States and European Union countries also experienced the same thing.

If Indonesia rejected imported goods from China without clear reasons, it would be viewed as violating international trading rules, he said.

But he also said that with the flood of imported products it was not impossible that some of them had entered the country illegally through certain points in border areas.

"It is difficult to entirely control the entry of goods into the country owing to the fact that Indonesia`s geographical area is so vast," he said.

The entry of Chinese goods through certain points in the border areas was due to the weak system of control by the security agencies, the diplomat said.

Oemar said that national producers should increase their efficency in order to compete with Chinese goods.

Therefore, it was also important for local businessmen to increase the quality standards of their products, he said.

Though many complaints had been voiced by Indonesian businessmen, Oemar said the embassy in Beijing had not yet received any complaints from Chinese exporters whose products were rejected in Indonesia.

"It is the local importers of Chinese goods who complained," he added.

The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) indicated that in 2005, Indonesia`s imports from China reached US$4.55 billion. It rose to US$5.50 billion in 2006.

The imports included red onion, garlic, wheat, fresh fruit, processed chemical materials, rubber, textiles, iron, steel, aluminum, electronics and motor vehicle spareparts.(*)
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