Indonesia to import wood to revive collapsed industries

Banjarmasin, S Kalimantan (Antara News) - Indonesia plans to import wood to save wood-based industries in various regions in the country that had collapsed because of a shortage of raw materials.

Forestry minister`s expert staff Made Subadya said at a forestry development coordination meeting here on Tuesday, "we are ready to facilitate wood imports to help the industries."

He said several countries that had a stock and had become exporters were among others China, Malaysia and Japan.

The wood from other countries could be used to meet the need for raw material of many wood industries in the country that had collapsed following a shortage of wood stock in forests.

The forestry s ministry had also carried out a smallholders` forest development program covering five million hectares in 2006.

Unfortunately, he said, only 3.5 million hectares had so far been successfully developed, so 1.5 million hectares still had yet to be completed.

The condition of wood-based industries in South Kalimantan was not yet improving and disputes over pay were continuing because of it.(*)
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