TVRI Has Deficit of Rp50 Billion
Monday, 23 April, 2007 | 16:23 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: The budget of TVRI, the government-owned television station, is in deficit amounting to Rp65 billion.

Antar Sianturi, TVRI’s Finance Director, explained that the deficit was because operational costs and employee salaries are higher compared to TVRI’s revenues both from the State Budget and other revenues which it independently acquires.

In a year, he explained, TVRI must expend funds of around Rp400 billion for employee’s salaries, electricity bills, equipment maintenance, creating programs and financing other operations.

The budget from the State Budget and other revenues every year is only around Rp350 billion.

“Our expenditure is very high,” Antar told Tempo last week.

The company’s independent financing is also not satisfactory.

From the 15 percent of maximum revenue limit for broadcasting commercials, up to now TVRI could only obtain around one percent revenue.

TVRI’s ability to have commercials, according to him, is impossible to be equal with that of private televisions.

This is because as a public broadcasting institution, TVRI is mandated to preserve its cultural mission.

Ali Mochtar Ngabalin, a member of the Broadcasting Commission (KPI), is optimistic that TVRI can still be saved.

He said that in May, KPI will discuss the State Budget’s allocation of around Rp1.4 trillion as proposed by TVRI last March.

Ali is of the opinion that TVRI can also acquire extra funds from commercials.

In line with Decree No. 32/2002 on Broadcasting, article 15, TVRI as a public broadcasting institution can use commercials as a means to obtain funds.

“So it doesn’t need to depend on the State Budget all the time.”

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