Customs & Excise Director General Denies Blocking 6,000 Importers
Tuesday, 17 April, 2007 | 16:03 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: Director General of Customs and Excises at the Finance Department, Anwar Suprijadi, denies that he has blocked activities and licenses of 6,000 importers who have violated the excise law and haven’t been active for a year. “There is no importer who is blocked, moreover the number is 6,000,” he said yesterday (16/4).

He said that he did not block the importers’ activities or licenses. “But only lowered the status from green lane to red lane,” he said. Now the Customs and Excises are mapping the activities of importers who are active or inactive within the year. “We will talk with the Trade Department about this matter.”

If importers are known to be committing a mistake, they will be importers in the red lane. In this lane, the checking is very tight, both the import goods’ physical status as well as the documents.

Of 15,000 listed importers, 42 percent of 6,300 are categorized as high risk for conducting business dishonestly and often hidden from the officer’s checking (hit and run). The remaining 58 percent or 8,700 importers are categorized as medium and low risk.

Last week, the Director General of Foreign Trade, Diah Maulida, asked Customs and Excise to specifically explain the criteria of importers’ license blocking. In addition, if Customs and Excise performs the blocking without confirming it with the Trade Department, it is concerned it will hamper the business of importers who obey the various rules.

Anton Apriantono and Rr Ariyani
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