Government Urged to Manage Modern Markets
Thursday, 12 April, 2007 | 17:27 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: Business groups are urging the government to issue a presidential regulation on modern markets as soon as possible.

They said they were convinced that a draft of the regulation had been prepared, but it was yet to be proposed to the Cabinet Secretariat so that it can be legalized by the President soon.

In fact, according to Tutum Rahanta, Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs, the deadline for this from the Industry and Trading Commission at the House of Representatives (DPR) for the government was March 2007.

Therefore, it would be better if the regulation were issued as soon as possible even if it was not fully perfected.

“Because, it will trigger prolonged disputes between traditional and modern markets,” said Tutum at a seminar and working meeting of the Association of Market Traders of Indonesia of the Jakarta Special Territory, at the Sari Pan Pacific Hotel in Jakarta yesterday (04/11).

He confirmed that there were pros and contras as regards the regulation, however there must be compromises that can be made.

The disputes over the regulation including matters related to restriction of modern market locations as well as the terms and conditions of trading between suppliers and modern markets.

Earlier, on March 29, eight associations of entrepreneurs asked the National Development Planning Agency to allow entry to the Department of Trade a draft of the presidential regulation that accommodates the interests of retailers and suppliers.

They also demanded a provincial regulation that arranges zoning and the imposition of sanctions on violators.

Hasan Basri, Head of the Association of Market Traders of Indonesia of Jakarta Special Territory, has threatened to send all his members to demonstrate should the presidential regulation not be issued soon.

“Our members include 120,000 traders,” said Hasan.
He accused the government of not having any commitment to support people in the street.

According to Hasan, it is expected that the issuing of a presidential regulation would result in fair competition.

As much as 84,000 traders in traditional market are in danger because they cannot compete with modern markets.

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