Government Considered Not Serious in Developing Biofuel
Thursday, 05 April, 2007 | 15:11 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: The government is considered not to be serious in terms of following up on the program to develop biofuel.

As a result of this, PT Pertamina has reduced the supply of fuel with 5 percent biosolar content.

“Pertamina has finally revised this by reducing the content to 2.5 percent,” said Paulus Tjakrawan, Treasurer of the Association of Indonesia Biofuel Producers, during a meeting for preparing for an international oil palm conference in Jakarta, yesterday (04/04).

Paulus said that Pertamina's maneuver in reducing the biosolar content was made because the government has not issued clear regulations for the biofuel supply program.

According to him, the government should imitate the measures of the Philippines government.

As of 17 January this year, this country applied the Biofuel Act, which rules there be a one-percent biofuel content for all vehicles.

Within the next five years, a five-percent biofuel content will be applied.

Emanuel Sutarto, President Director of PT Etrindo Wahana Tama, added that Pertamina's plan to remove biosolar product had already emerged in January.

However, it was then canceled and Pertamina issued the policy on reduction of biofuel content in biosolar to 2.5 percent.

Within one month, he said, Etrindo supplied 2,400 tons of biofuel with to Pertamina.

Since the reduction of biofuel content, Pertamina's demand decreased to around 1,200 tons.

“The reason was that Pertamina experienced losses in the project,” said Emanuel.

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