Thousands of Companies not Registered with Jamsostek
Thursday, 22 March, 2007 | 12:50 WIB

Tempo Interactive, Jakarta: Suwito Ardiyanto, Director General of Manpower Monitoring Development at the Manpower and Transmigration Department, has said that out of the 95.6 million workers in Indonesia, only 28, 7999,207 are registered as members of the Manpower Social Security (Jamsostek) program.

This is despite that, based on State Decree No. 3/1992 regarding Jamsostek, every company is obligated to register its employees in the program.

“The amount of workers registered on the Jamsostek program has not yet reached even one-third,” he told the press at his office yesterday (21/3).

According to Suwito, the amount of medium- and large-sized companies that have registered on the Jamsostek program, totals 143,542 out of 178,650 companies.

This means there are 35,108 companies that have not yet registered their employees on the Jamsostek program.

The companies’ reluctance in joining Jamsostek, according to Suwito, was because of weak monitoring and the lack of strict sanctions.

There are only 2,608 Jamsostek monitoring officers throughout Indonesia, with some even working as structural officials, so the level of monitoring effectiveness is very low.

Out of 2,608 monitoring officers, according to Suwito, only 400 are of civil official investigator status.

The cost of the six-month monitoring officer course amounts to around Rp12 million per person.

“For training competent officers, at least takes three years are required,” said Suwito.

Dwi Riyanto Agustiar
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