Further progress in talks to develop Sabang with Dublin Port

Banda Aceh (Antara News) - The Sabang Area Management Agency (BPKS) and Dubln Port company of Ireland have made further progress in their negotiations to set up a joint venture company to develop and manage Sabang as a free port, a BKPS spokesman said.

"The process of our negotiations has resulted in another agreement, namely on which side is to hold the position of president director and who that of president commissioner in the joint venture company," BKPS Deputy Chief Nasruddin Daud said here Tuesday.

Dublin Port would occupy the position of president director and BPKS that of president commissioner of the joint venture company that would manage the Sabang free port for a period of 10 years, he said. After the first 10 years, the allocation of the positions would be determined by an experts board, he added.

Teams representing the two parties were now also drawing up more detailed plans for the formation of the joint venture company.

The two parties had agreed that each would have a 50-percent controlling interest in the joint venture to develop and manage Sabang as a free port of international standards.

One of the first things the joint venture would undertake was to increase the capacity of facilities at the Teluk and Balohan Sabang ports so that they would become a new economic growth hub on the most western tip of Indonesia.

The pier of Sabang port which now was only 100 meters long would be lengthened to 2,000 meters. Its cargo loading and unloading equipment and facilities such cranes would be increased and expanded and so would its container holding area.

The cooperation will also cover provision of clean water to serve ships calling at the free port, Nasruddin said.(*)
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