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Agency Offers Disaster-Free Land Map Service

Data packages containing information on disaster-free regions in Indonesia will be made available through a service provided by the National Coordinating Agency for Land Survey and Mapping (Bakosurtanal).

It is hoped the service will help identify suitable, disaster-free locations for businesses, as well as for evacuation purposes when disasters hit. Bakosurtanal head Rudolf Matindas told The Jakarta Post Wednesday (14/3/07) the service uses a geo-spatial system to guide disaster mitigation planning efforts.

"The use of data and geo-spatial technology in a business plan can guarantee that all aspects that could hamper the continuation of a project in a region will be included and considered," Rudolf said during a discussion on geo-spatial technology here.

He said the survey agency compiles all the relevant aspects of their regional studies into an integrated information package, which can then be referenced.

The survey agency sent representatives to post-disaster areas, such as Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam and Nias in North Sumatra, to assist reconstruction teams with their mapping activities. A survey on evacuation routes around the volcanic Mt. Merapi in Central Java has also been conducted.
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